Monday, March 21, 2016

KNY Academy A new intern Sara Kobayashi from Japan

Name: Sara Kobayashi

Where are you from: I was born in Japan but raised in the states (NY,NJ,CA).

Why do you want to work at KNY: As an undergraduate student, I am still trying to find what kind of career I am interested in. I stumbled upon KNY's call for more interns and as I researched their company I was really inspired by the philosophies that KNY incorporates within its company. I have always been interested in fashion as well, and so I applied. 

What is your goal for internship: My goal for the duration of my internship is to learn everything about KNY- from the different types of fabric they utilize, to what goes on in the production aspect and how these fabrics are being distributed to many customers. I also want to be able to take all of KNY's philosophy to heart, and be able to use it in everyday life. 

What is your goal in 3 years:
In 3 years, I will be 23. When I'm 23, I want to have a stable job and attend graduate school to get a teaching degree in special education.