Monday, June 23, 2014

Meeting with team Macy's

We had a great meeting with Matthew, a senior designer and Sacsha, an associate designer at Men's Tailored Clothing department. Matthew has been at Macy's for 10 year. It was nice having them both who has great energy. Thank you for coming to our office!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Meeting with team Orvis

We had a great meeting with Mark, Christine, Phillis,Eileen at Men's division and  Heather, Audrey at Women's division.We have been working with them for 8 years. Thank you for having us with great smile in Vermont! 

                                   The store at 42nd street on 5th Avenue in NY

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

「米国市場戦略構築に向けて」・Katsu's Speech @The Nippon Club

Katsu made a speech at the Nippon Club for CPA from Japan. They came to NY to study about US market. He talked about how we grow and exist for 26 years in NY and strategy for next 5 years.

The Intern Appreciation Night・インターン感謝会

We hosted the intern appreciation night to appreciate our interns who devote their time for us. We are so luck to have them from all over the world. We hope they can learn a lot not only business but be a professional throughout this intern ship.
Thank you all for your hard work!                                                  Love,  from team KNY

日頃、一生懸命仕事を手伝って下さるインターンの為に「インターン感謝会」を開催しました。世界各地から集まってきてくれています。弊社での経験を生かして、世界中に羽ばたいていけますように!                              感謝 KNY 社員一同

Alana from NY, Ryo from Shanghai, Mia from Ha Noi(Vietnam),Claire from Paris Queenie from Beijing,and Mizuki from Tokyo from left side. 

The Intern of Katsu New York, Mizuki Sakurai, インターンスタッフ紹介

Mizuki from Japan joined as an intern in June for 9 month. She is a student at Meiji University. This is her first time being out of Japan! 

Why do you want to work at KNY: I am studying marketing in my university, and it is neccesary for me to have an actual buisiness experience through this internship. And I really want to learn how this textile company work in global fashion industry. 

What is your goal for internship: Of course I should improve my English to the degree that I can use it in buisiness conversation.
I want to understand deeply how textiles made and come onto the market.

What is your goal in 3 years: I want to graduate from my university, and I want to work in company in United States  which I can use this wonderful internship experience.

The Intern of Katsu New York, Alana Golubinski, インターンスタッフ紹介

Alana from Goshen, New York joined as an intern in June for 3 months. Currently she is a student at Smith College. She studied at Doshisha University in Japan for 8 months. Please check about Alana.

I was born in Budlake, New Jersey, and I was raised there until I was 6 years old. Around that time, my family and I moved to Plainfield Township, Pennsylvania. My family had always wanted to live in Pennsylvania because of all the beautiful parks and low taxes, but unfortunately, my mother did not like the school we were placed into in Plainfield Township. Thus, about 6 years later we moved a couple towns over to Nazareth, Pennsylvania. I lived in Nazareth until the end of middle school, but then my father got a job transfer. After that, we moved to Goshen, New York, a small town about an hour from here, and my family has resided there ever since. I consider myself a child of the North East, but I have lived in many different kinds of places, including Kyoto, Japan for the past year.

Why do you want to work at KNY: I really love the family, caring ambience Katsu New York has. I also love that we are delving into eco-friendly and natural textiles. And then the fact that many of our staff speak Japanese is an added bonus to me, and I hope to bring myself back to my previous level of Japanese while I am here.

What is your goal for internship: I want to learn exactly how and why Katsu New York works, and by the end of my internship, I want to be completely comfortable in this company and understand exactly what we do. I also hope to get a better grip on fabric differentiation, the specializations of each mill and converter, and the workings of each section here at KNY. I want to leave a large and positive contribution behind at KNY when I leave in August.

What is your goal in 3 years: In three years, I want to graduate from college, find a steady job that I enjoy, and live on my own in an apartment I would pay for myself. I would also hope that in 3 years my parents will move closer to the city, as that is where I plan to work in the future.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Intern of Katsu New York, Claire Vissac, インターンスタッフ紹介

Claire from Paris, France joined us an intern in June for 3 months.  She graduated from ESG Management School with a master degree in Business studies in Marketing and Commercial Strategy. We enjoy her French accent. It is very cute!

Why do you want to work at KNY: I appreciate the philosophy of Katsu NY and it is the opportunity to learn many things about textile and trade with customers.

What is your goal for internship:  I would like to use my skills for practical applications for example in marketing for new projects.
I discover the world of work in America, I want to learn the most things possible concerning textile field.

What is your goal in 3 years: After I would like to get a work in the fashion industry because I love it. My aim is to manage few people and to work in harmony with them.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Intern of Katsu New York, Lingxiao Han, インターンスタッフ紹介

Ryo (her nick name) from Shanghai,China joined us as an intern in June. She used to work at Kurabo Shanghai for 9 years and came to U.S for her new venture. Here is some Q&A to get know about Ryo.
Why do you want to work at KNY: I want to improve my English and learn more  about American market, so I can help and do my best for customers in the future.
What is your goal for internship: My goal is to be able to communicate with customers in English fluently.
What is your goal in 3 years: Get married and become a team leader or have my own fashion store.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Welcoming Mr.Shima of Shima Seiki・島精機製作所 社長 島様御一行訪問

本日、島精機製作所社長 島正博様、取締役トータルデザインセンター部長 中嶋利夫様、島精機USA 社長 森内尚和様、島精機USA副社長 寺本篤司様、PT.JABA Garmindo US representive Mr. & Mrs. Beckman をお迎え致しました。

島社長の「仕事を愛することが向上心に繋がり、それが情熱を産み創造的になり 、即行動することにより夢を実現できる」というお言葉に、社員一同非常に感銘を受けました。どうも有り難うございました。


We were given the honor of hosting: 
Mr. Shima, President of Shima Seiki
Mr. Nakajima, Director of Total Design Center
Mr. Moriuchim President of Shima Seiki U.S.A
Mr. Teramoto, Vise President of Shima Seiki U.S.A 
Mr. & Mrs. Beckman of PT.JABA Garmindo

We were very impressed by Mr. Shima's speech the reasons why Shima Seiki became such an innovative and creative company.
Thank you very much for visiting us.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Company Seminar: Nagatsu Camp Vol.12

Vol.12 Nagatsu Camp had been held during July 1st to 8th. We covered many subjects but very focused.
1. Katsu NY since 1988: History by multiple changes to the market shifts. 26年間の歩み
2. What are true Leadership 
3. Total Optimization over Sub-Optimization 全体最適化=利他
4. Movie "Prayers" Dr. Murakami-Kazuo  映画「祈り」からの学び
5. Professionalism 「一流を育てる」(秋山利輝氏著)からの学び
6. Six Devotion based on Quantum Physics 「六つの精進」(稲盛和夫氏)
7. Individual Workshop by Mr. Nagatsu
8. Compas

Closing compa with hand made Chinese.

Special visit to Jhane Barnes Design Studio for movie "Prayer" viewing.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Birthday to Mindy & Adam

We celebrated our teammate, Mindy and Adam's birthday on 6/6 after the seminar.
"Happy Birthday, Mindy and Adam!"