Saturday, September 19, 2015

へそ道 二日間集中基礎コースin NY (9/19,9/20) Heso-Do Workshop in NY

映画「1/4の奇跡〜本当のことだから〜」の監督、「ふぅちゃん先生」こと入江富美子 氏が講師を務める「へそ道」二日間集中基礎コースを、Katsu New Yorkのオフィスを使っていただき、24名の方々が参加され開催されました。



We held the “Heso-Do” 2 days intensive beginner workshop at Katsu New York, Club 75.
Heso-Do is created by Ms. Fumiko Irie who is a director of movies such as “ The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter”, “ Looking from Sky”.
She teaches us how to find out our mission of lives and being as you are.
She will come back for intermediate class next year.
We cannot wait to have you back.

Thank you so much!

Friday, September 18, 2015


弊社が米国Le Souk社とパートナーシップを組んで取り組んでいるJapan Virtual Pavilionの記事が掲載されました。 Japan Virtual Pavilionに関するお問い合わせは suga@katsunewyork.comまでメールでご連絡下さい。

Friday, September 4, 2015

やましたひでこさん(断捨離)/ BBQ in the woods with Ms. Hideko Yamashita

やましたさんが、ご友人、片岡桜子さん、すがさんとKatsu and Jhaneの自宅での断捨離・真善美会を行いました。

9/4/2015 Ms. Hideko Yamashita’s visit to Katsu’s house for deeper conversation with wine and BBQ
Hideko Yamashita came to spent over 7 hours at our house. We could dig into deep level of Dan-Sha-Ri connecting to SynZenBe sprit.
Also, she could walk through our house to see through our mind, because the house, office and wallets are physical indication of your mind.
We really enjoyed their stay and discussion.
Thank you very much.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


We welcomed Leena, Sandra, Paulina, Kayla and Cindy from team COACH.
It's almost been 10 years since we started working with COACH and so much appreciation towards our long relationship with them.
The entertained included Sugoi Hibachi (Japanese style BBQ) and a quiz to see how much our guest knew about COACH.

We are very pleased with our partnership together, and hope we can grow together.

Thank you so much for joining us tonight!

Team KNY

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

やましたひでこさん、講演会(盛和塾ニューヨーク)Ms.Hideko Yamashita/DanShaRi Speech

9/2/2015 やましたひでこさん、講演会(盛和塾ニューヨーク)

9/2/2015 Ms.Hideko Yamashita gave us great lecture with her beautiful mind at Seiwajyuku New York event.

Because she is a member of Seiwajyuku Japan, we could have this amazing opportunity to hear her talk and detailed Q & A after the lecture.
We had learned so much related to our lives and management.
Please see her profile below.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015