Sunday, March 6, 2016

Japan Virtual Pavilion/Le Souk ジャパンバーチャルパビリオン

Very specialized Japanese textile mills joined Japan Virtual Pavilion from all over Japan.
You can find what you are exactly looking for such as yarn dyed, jacquard, organic to synthetic with Japanese technology and innovation.
Please check our website and go to our showroom at Le Souk.
Also you can see our suppliers in youtube.

昨年11月にオープンしたジャパンバーチャルパビリオン。毎日、世界78カ国、20,000人以上のデザイナーおよびバイヤーが、自分たちの求めている商品を探しにJapan Virtual Pavilion/Le Soukを訪れます。


Japan Virtual Pavilion

Le Souk