Thursday, August 29, 2013

兵庫県知事 井戸敏三様ご一行が、ご訪問下さいました。

On August 23rd, the governor of Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, Mr. Toshizo Ido and his team visited our office. We have been working with their mills in Nisiwaki for over 25 years. The meeting went great with Mr. Ido we discussed how to expand their business in the states.

Thank you!

8/23 Friday  
兵庫県知事 井戸敏三様御一行が、弊社へご訪問下さいました。弊社が、創業以来25年間お世話になっている西脇の播州織との協業など、未来に向けて建設的なミーティングが出来ました。


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This ones for Debbie!

Throughout the years, we have made many friends, but this particular person is special. Deborah Stoudt of Knoll Textiles has been our dear friend since the very early days of Katsu New York. Our gratitude towards her and Knoll are limitless. 

Enjoy the adventures that awaits you, happy retirement, Debbie!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

KNY's Appreciation Party - July 2013

What a great gathering! Thank you everyone that attended and thank you to our team for a successful party! We appreciate everyone who has contributed to the growth of Katsu New York.