Monday, January 26, 2015

35th Appreciation Party / 感謝会

A huge thanks to all of our customers and vendors that attended our 35th appreciation party! Team Okinawa brought “TROPICAL STORM” from Okinawa, the southern island of Japan into that freezing night in NYC warming our heart’s and belly’s.
Ms. Ryoko Zukeran, owner and chef of Can Color in Tokyo created an authentic menu of traditional Okinawan Foods from scratch, which she spent 3 days to prepare. Everything was so delicious therefore they were gone quickly! If you miss them, please visit Ryoko’s restaurant in Tokyo ;)
We were also pleased to introduce Orion Beer (Okinawan Local Beer), Amabuki, Tengumai and Nanbu Bijin (Japanese Sakes) and Zuisen (Okinawan Local Shochu) which were donated by Orion Breweries, Ltd. Sake Discoveries LLC and Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd. Thank you very much for your kind donations.
While Mr. Masaru Shimabukuro of Begin, Ms. Kanako Horiuchi, Okinawan Folksong Singer were entertaining us with Okinawan & Japanese music, Eiten was painting in harmony, inspired by their music.
Mr. Mark Rivera who has been bandmaster for Billy Joel for 32 years also joined them and played “New York State of Mind” at the end. We were all blessed by their collaboration.

We cannot express our appreciation enough to everyone.
Again, thank you so much from bottom of our hearts.

Looking forward to having everyone back in Summer 2015.


お料理は、 東京早稲田で沖縄料理 ライブハウス/Can Colorを経営されている瑞慶覧涼子さんが、3日間かけて手打ち麺沖縄そばを始め、全て手作りの沖縄料理をご用意してくださり、味にうるさいニューヨーカーも大絶賛でした。お飲み物は、オリオンビール、南部美人、天狗の舞、天吹、瑞泉をご寄贈頂き、滅多に口にできないお酒の数々に、大変喜んで頂けました。そして、この日の為に総勢11名のチーム沖縄が駆けつけてくれ、パーティーを大いに盛り上げて下さいました。

BEGINの島袋優さん、民謡歌手の堀内加奈子さん、アーティスト英天さんのライブが極寒のNYに熱い沖縄旋風を巻き起こしました。また特別友情出演で、Billy Joelのバンドマスターを32年間されているMark Riveraさんが駆けつけてくださり、ライブの最後にBilly Joelの名曲"NewYork State of Mind”をソロで弾いてくださいました。普段聴きなれない沖縄音楽とMarkさんとのコラボに、ゲスト全員が大感動でした。


Team Katsu New York

Our most appreciation goes to:

Team Okinawa
Ryoko Zukeran, Director, Chef
Masaru Shimabukuro of Begin, Guitarlist 
Kanako Horiuchi, Okinawasn Folk Singer
Eiten, Artist
Tokio Kuniyoshi, Photographer
Atsushi Higa
Kanna Yamauchi
Hirono Tomochi
Kanako Kinjo
Yasuhide Nakamura
Rina Kanda

Ken Miyoshi of Kobayashi Ori Name
Nao Kirch of Amhot
Mina Watanabe of Hankyu
Gigi Jin of Hankyu

Special Thanks to Mark Rivera

Orion Breweries, Ltd. 
Sake Discoveries LLC 
Zuisen Distillery Co., Ltd.