Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sushi Lunch with our friends, Ina & Ray Bartkus.

Ina and Ray visited our office from Philadelphia for catch ups with Sushi.
They have very sweet energy and great smiles. It was great to have them.
Thank you very much.

From left, Suga, Ina, Aummy, Ray and Yoshi.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

History of Katsu New York 1983  繊維業界入り初年度

In 1983, Jhane Barnes visited Sanwa Textiles in Aichi, Japan first time as 10th mill's visit in Japan. It was through, Mr. Matsumoto, Sumitomo and Mr. Inukai, Alpha Co., Ltd.
The merchandiser, Andrew Maag (currently the president of Burberry Group) came to visit to Sanwa Textiles, 3 times a year for product development.

Jhane and Andrew spent almost 18 hours a day at the design studio while their stay in Japan.

All designing, costing and sometimes booking sample and bulk were done in that studio.

1983年、愛知県一宮市で父親の経営する、(株)サンワテキスタイルに入社させていただき、生産現場の糸運びから、織物設計までを徹底的に学ばさせていただくと同時に、その年からスタートした新チーム、輸出部のアシスタント役もさせていただくようになりました。大阪の住友商事、松本様が、一宮の産地問屋、アルファー社の、犬飼宏社長とともに、当時、米国のメンズ業界での最高の賞、カティーサーク賞、コティー賞をそれぞれ2回ずつ受賞されていたJhane Barnes社の社長、そしてスタッフ4人とともに、初めてサンワテキスタイルを尋ねてくださいました。
その時にJhane Barnes社長と一緒に来られた、マーチャンダイザーであられたAndrew Maag氏には、メンズファッションの業界の仕組みを細かく教えていただけました。


Andrew Maag and Jhane Barnes

Mr. Matsumoto, Tomoji Kawasaki and Jhane Barnes.

Andrew and Katsu

Friday, April 25, 2014

Mr. Koji Kawada, the president of Seiren USA and his family  米国セーレン川田社長とファミリー

Mr. Koji Kawada, his wife Noriko, his daughters, Ayaka, Nami and Mana visited our office on 4/25 from North Carolina. They have been very close to our team since 1998, before they got married. It was very nice to have them here in New York again.
Thank you for visits.


104th Katsu New York Monthly Seminar "PROFIT"  第104回月例社内フィロソフィー勉強会

Katsu New York has been having monthly company philosophy seminar since August 2005. We have never missed even one based on 100% attendance of full time staff.
This 104th one was facilitated by Yoshi and Hikari about "PROFIT". It was well prepared and managed to understand why we need profit. One of the best seminar ever. Thank you.

Katsu New Yorkは2005年8月より、毎月一度の例外もなく正社員全員参加ベースで、パート、そしてインターンの方々にも参加いただき、KNY フィロソフィー勉強会を、コンパもパッケージで行なって参りました。
今回は、第104回目、Yoshi and Hikariの担当責任者として、「PROFITの真意、目的」、「なぜPROFITが必要なのか」に対し理解を深め、あらためて当社の経営理念の追求の需要性を学ばせていただきました。


Saturday, April 19, 2014

View from our office オフィスからの景色

 Please plan to visit us. We have amazing 260 degree view at 1,000 feet MSL.

Cutie Visitors!

Mr. David Freedland from Jos A. Bank brought very cute guests with his wife, Mrs. Carla Freedland today.

Welcome Zoe and Phoebe to Club 75.

Thank you for visiting us!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome, Larry!  当社スタッフ、Adamの父上様、来社

Our teammate Adam's dad visited us from Tennessee.
Thanks for visiting us from all way from down South.
It was very nice meeting you, Mr. Baker!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knoll Design Team Knoll社デザインチームに来社いただきました。

Creative Design Director, Ms. Dorothy Cosonas and designer, Ms. Nikki Rubalcaba visited our office. Katsu New York has been supplying contract textiles for last 26 years. They are the longest lasting customer of ours.  Very thankful, we still have business today.

The member of Textile Exchange  地球環境のための繊維志向

Katsu New York has been a member of Textile Exchange since 2008.
We are committed to work toward sustainable way 
with sustainable products for next generations.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chairman, Mr. Takami of Erimo Kogyo 高見会長引退 エリモ工業

エリモ工業に50年間以上務められた、高見会長が5月に引退をされることになりました。Katsu New Yorkとしても、25年間、お世話になりっぱなしでした。


Mr. Takami, Chairman of Erimo Industry is retiring in May 2014 after over 50 years of his big contributions to Erimo and their venders and customers. 
Katsu New York has been supported by Mr. Takami so many ways.
Thank you so much.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Katsu's Birthday in Kumamoto, Japan 熊本での有難き誕生会

熊本、木斛邸にて、桑原社長ご夫妻、立見様、永津先生様、なんてん先生様、鴻野様ご夫妻、岸田さんとともに Energy Design Project、ミーティング後の夕食会を催していただきました。最後に私、Katsu Kawasakiのサプライズバースデー会をも盛り込んでいただき、立見さん、桑原社長のお心遣いに大感謝です。木斛邸、素晴らしい環境、そして食事でした。

At Mokkoku-tei, in Kumamoto
After the Energy Design Team Kick off meeting, Mr. and Ms Kuwabara, the owner of Mokkoku-tei,  Mr. Nagatsu, Mr. Tatemi, Mr. Kishida, Mr and Ms Kouno held amazing dinner event including Katsu's surprise birthday party.
It was beautiful restaurant and caring food. 
Thank you all for everything.