Monday, March 30, 2015

The KNY Academy A New Intern Hiroki Shimada from Nishiwaki, Japan

Why do you want to work at KNY
I came to KNY from Nishiwaki city to revive Banshu Ori.
Actually KNY sells many Japanese textile and they have way of thinking that I can not understand when I live in Nishiwaki city.
In addition, KNY is very enthusiastic in human education, I think that I can grow as a human being.

What is your goal for this internship:
I would like to be able to judge that it is not only appeal point and improvements point of Nishiwaki city but also demand from outside.
It is possible by watching Nishiwaki, other production areas and other countries from KNY.

What is your goal 3 years:
I bring back that I learned in KNY for Nishiwaki city and want to aim at the globalization of Banshu Ori.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Movie "The Miracle of the gifted quarter" / 1/4 の奇跡 上映会

第15回永津キャンプの一環として、入江富美子監督「1/4の奇跡〜本当のことだから〜」の社内上映会をしました。養護学校教諭 ”かっこちゃん”こと山元加津子さんのドキュメンタリーですが、深い深いメッセージが込められています。


We watched the movie “ The Miracle of the Gifted Quarter ~Life’s Truth Revealed~” produced by Fumiko Irie during Nagatsu Camp. This file is produced mainly through interviews with Kakko chan, Katsuko Yamamoto who is a teacher at a special needs school. There is so much deep meaning in the file and we all appreciated what we have, who we are after the movie.

Thank you very much for Mr. Nagatsu for his 15th camp!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Welcome Dante Carver, Aya Nishikata and Tokio Kuniyoshi

We welcomed Dante Carver an actor, Aya Nishikata a textile artist and Tokio Kuniyoshi a photographer at club 75 at same time with Kobayashi Family.
Dante is not only an actor but also a producer of his brand “At At Designes”.  Aya just finished her exhibition in NY.  Tokio also had his exhibition in Washington D.C. 
Both Dante and Aya stopped by before leaving to Japan. It was very interesting to meet people and exchange ideas in different industry. 

Thank you very much for visiting us!

Welcome Kobayashi Family

We welcomed Kobayashi Family, Nobu san, Etsuko san, Moe san and Kenta kun at Club 75 and also at Katsu’s house. Nobu san and Katsu used to work on a same floor when Katsu started Katsu Kawasaki 27 years ago.
It was very warming reunion with his family after so many years.

Thank you very much for visiting us!
Hope to see you soon.


Monday, March 16, 2015

ピカドンプロジェクト/Pikadon Project

3月16、17日の両日、アーティストのCannon Hersey氏の作品を、弊社と長年お取引をさせて頂いております株式会社丸萬様と兵庫県西脇市の技術提供を受けて、3Dジャガードで織り上げました。
以下、ピカドンプロジェクトの一環であるMeaning of Memoryの紹介文ですので、ぜひご一読ください。

世界の平和を祈念して- Peace on Earth -


NYのアーティスト キャノン・ハーシーが広島で得た体験から生まれた作品群を展覧いたします。タイトルは『Meaning of Memory - 記憶の意味』。祖父ジョン・ハーシーの書『Hiroshima』に描かれた広島という舞台を再訪し、さらに長崎をも訪れて撮り下ろした写真作品、シルクスクリーン作品などが展示され、さらにキャノン・ハーシーが今まで訪れたチベットや南アフリカなど様々な土地と風土に根ざした作品もあわせて展示されます。


キャノンの写真から作られたジャカード織のタペストリーは、播州織で世界的に有名なテキスタイルデザインの株式会社丸萬と兵庫県西脇市の技術提供、K a t s u N e w Yo r k  ( の協力により実現しました。

また作品展はPIKADON Projectのアートイニシャティブ、シャドウ•ピープル•プロジェクトwww.shadowpeopleproject.orgとも連動しており、世界のアーティストから寄せられたシャドーアートをプロジェクターで映写します。参加アーティストはジャイルズ・クラーク氏、ミシェル・イン・アザーワールド氏、サムソン・ムンジ氏など。


pikadon-project) でのクラウドファンディングによって調達しています。皆様からのご寄付を受け付けております。!

協力;KOMACHI ARTPLACE 妙慶院 エディション写真教室 穴吹デザイン専門学校
KATSU New York 西脇市 株式会社丸萬 ZENGO!

The Meaning of Memory" is an exhibition of new artworks made in Hiroshima, Japan by Cannon Hersey that explore art as non verbal communication as he retraces his grandfather John Hersey'sbook "Hiroshima." The exhibit will include new photographs taken in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that express family, spirituality, nature and internationalism.  Local mixed with global imagery, fabrics and artifacts combine into silkscreen collage works made from Hersey's experience in pursuit of human connectivity across national borders, race and the history of war. 

This exhibition will also include some unique collaborations between art and industry including light box artworks made by Cannon Hersey in collaboration with industrial and furniture designer Gregory Clark , and Jacquard woven cotton tapestries made from Hersey's photographs by designer Ueda Yoshinori of Maruman, Inc. as initiated by Katsu New York and sponsored by the mayor of Nishiwaki.! 

Exhibition will include projections from that will feature artworks from premier artists Giles Clarke, Michelle Inotherworld and Samson Mnisi along with works submitted by the public through the website. Send us your shadow.! 

Sponsored by Komachi Art Space, Zengo, Inc., Mayor of Nishiwaki, Maruman, Inc., Katsu New York, Myoukei-in Temple and Editions

Please join Pikadon Project, Seitaro Kuroda,
Steven Leeper, Taku Nishimae, Cannon Hersey,
Gregory Clark and 22 youth leaders for a
performance and presentation at the YMCA
international Hall on April 4th. !