Monday, September 29, 2014

和歌山県庁職員 表敬訪問・Welcoming Mr. Suzuki and Ms. Kanno from Wakayama

本日、和歌山県庁企業振興課主査 鈴木誉也様とデザイナーの菅野なつこ様が弊社にお越し下さいました。



Welcoming Mr. Suzuki from the prefectural government of Wakayama, and Ms. Kanno, a designer.
We exchange opinions about textile industry in Japan and textile market in NY.
Hoping this kind of meetings will help all the Japanese companies which want to grow their business.

Thank you very much for visiting us.

Katsu New York Academy


今後は、Katsu New York Academyとして受入体制のレベルを上げ、引き続き世界中のやる気のある若者たちを受け入れていく所存です。


We have been having 100 interns from all over the world, since we started an internship program in 2008.
And we are always so happy to see them when they visit us after their graduation from the program.

We will continue to upgrade our internship program, and we appreciate all our interns for their time with us.

Cheers for their bright future!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Katsu New York's 108th Monthly Philosophy Seminar

The theme was "NEVER GIVE UP".

We have been having monthly seminar since August 2004.
We use Dr. Inamori's material, such as "PASSION FOR SUCCESS" and "Kyocera Philosophy".


今回はNEVER GIVE UPというテーマで、ファシリテーター・花岡千賀子のもと、行いました。



Monday, September 22, 2014

The KNY Academy, a new intern Jules Kiratzis from Pennsylvania, US

Jules joined us as an intern from September for 4 months!
He is a student at State College Pennsylvania. And his major is supply chain and logistics.

Why do you want to work at KNY?: I want to work at Katsu New York because it is a great opportunity and I will learn a lot about business by working with it hands on in the real world.

What is your goal for internship?: My goal for this internship is to get a better understanding of the supply chain and financial aspect of the business.

What is you goal in 3 years?: My goal in 3 years is to be finishing up college at Penn State University.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nanten-sensei's visit to Jhane Barnes Studio

Energy Design社、なんてん先生、立見社長、立見恵莉佳さんに
New York, Westchester Waccabucにある、Jhane Barnes Design Studioを訪問していただきました。

Jhane Barnes社とKatsu New Yorkのコラボで、人間の健康科学をベースに新たなカーペットの共同開発を始めております。

良縁起会パーティーでは、ビリー・ジョエルのバンドマスターでありサクソフォーン奏者のMark Riveraと、奥様であられるSandraも参加いただき、素晴らしい磁場を創出していただけました。

Nanten-sensei, Mr. Tatemi and Ms. Tatemi visited Jhane Barnes Design Studio in Waccabuc, New York to explore the big collaboration to develop totally new carpet by using human health science.

This new concept would heal people's energy based on quantum mechanics.
During the kick off party, we could have Mark Rivera, who is the band master of Billy Joel for last 32 years, and his wife Sandra.

It was very special moment for all of us.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


稲盛和夫氏が、Katsu New Yorkに来社くださいました。



Dr. Kazuo Inamori visited Katsu New York.

We could have Dr. Inamori in our office after Seiwajyuku event in 2008.
We were very pleased to feel his amazing presence.

Ms. Hazama from Nagoya, Japan provided this photo of drinking wine together.
Very thankful.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Energy Design Techstyle by Nanten Sensei

We welcomed Nanten sensei who is a creative director and a scientist,
and Mr. Tatemi who is a president of Energy Design.

We also welcomed Masami who is a student of Nanten sensei,
and Erika who used to be our intern to join our meetings.

The Energy Design was established to create products for human's health based on quantum physics.
We had very nice and meaningful meetings with designers.

Thank you so much for coming to NY!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The KNY Academy, a new intern Yusuke Saito from Japan

Yusuke joined us as an intern in September for 6 months. He is a senior at Waseda University, Japan, and is absent from the university to join this internship. His major is English Literature and Linguistics, but this is his first visiting to the US.

Why do you want to work at KNY?: It is because I love fashion and I was attracted to the entrepreneurship of our president, Katsu. I have doubts about the future of Japanese economy, so I want to learn from Katsu how to do business at foreign markets and how to be a global leader.

What is your goal for internship?: My goal is to make what I want to do in the future clear, and to get our new business, Katsu Kafe, on track. I think this period will be a great step to my future.

What is your goal in 3 years?: As I mentioned above, I cannot see what I will do in the future clearly. However, in any case, I want to obtain a job where I can contribute to the development and conservation of Japanese high quality manufacturing.


なぜKNYで働こうと思ったんですか?: ファッションが好きなのと、社長であるKatsuさんの起業家精神に惹かれたからです。私は日本経済の未来に疑問を感じていて、海外市場でのビジネスやグローバル・リーダーになるノウハウをKatsuさんから学びたいと思っています。

このインターンでのあなたの目標は何ですか?: 自分が将来何をしたいのかを明確にすること、そして新規事業であるKatsu Kafeを軌道に乗せることです。この6ヶ月は私の将来にとって大きなステップになると思います。

3年先までの目標は何ですか?: 先にも述べたように、私は自分が将来何をしているのか青写真が描けていません。しかし、いずれにせよ日本の高品質なモノづくりの発展・保全に貢献していけるような仕事に就きたいと考えています。

MRC大学講演会 in 静岡・A speech at MRC college





Katsu was invited to make a speech at College of Management Rich Club in Shizuoka, Japan.

108 people joined the speech and Katsu was so impressed by their passion toward self improvement.
After the speech, he had a chance to meet participants and discuss the global business.

Thank you so much for having him as your guest speaker.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Source4Style / Japan


同社は、Council of Fashion Designers of America(CFDA・全米ファッションデザイナー協会)のパートナーでもあり、2010年に24時間年中無休でアクセス可能なSource4Style(バーチャルショールーム)を立ち上げました。現在、CFDAのメンバー450名をはじめ、欧米諸国を中心に97ヶ国、15000人のバイヤー・デザイナーが登録しています。



We are pleased to have a partnership with Source4Style.

Source4Style launched a virtual showroom in 2010, and has since had 15000 buyers as well as designers from 98 countries become members, including members of the CFDA.

This new venture will create a chance for Japanese suppliers to meet buyers and designers from all over the world.

If you have any questions, please contact: