Friday, January 22, 2016

Welcome to Watanabe Family!

Our teammate, Fumi's family visited us.
His father, Mr. Tosio Watanabe runs "Watanabe Pile" in Imabari City, Japan and makes very distinguished organic towels and also for pile fabrics for fashion.
It was first time for his mother, Ms. Chitose visited NY and she was very impressed by sunset from club 75 and enjoyed meeting Fimi's teammates.We were very pleased meeting Fumi's mom and dad!

Thank you so much for coming to see us!!

弊社HOPES (インターン生)の渡邊文雄のご両親が、弊社に遊びに来てくださいました。





37th Appreciation Party "PACHANGA!"

A huge thanks to all of our customers and vendors that attended our 37th appreciation party.
The theme was "Pachanga", South American style appreciation. We all enjoyed music, dancing and of course delicious foods and drinks. Special thanks to  team Cali Salsa Pal Mundo for HOT dancing! Also thanks to "Orion Beer" from Okinawa for kind donations and very special thanks to Mr. Ishikawa, who has been donating special cake for past few years. We cannot complete the party without our famous Oyabun cake!

Again, thank you so much for joining us from bottom of our heart.
We cannot wait to have you all in Summer 2016!

Muchas Gracias!

今回のテーマは”Pachanga!"南米をテーマに、熱い一夜が繰り広げられました。ゲスト一同、プロのダンスチームCali Salsa Pal Mundoの華麗なサルサに魅了され、また南米のお料理と音楽を楽しんで頂けました。今回もオリオンビール様からビールのご寄贈を頂き大好評でした。またすっかり定番となりました”石川親分ケーキ”も、とても喜んで頂けました。

Team Katsu New York