Wednesday, April 13, 2016

128th Monthly Seminar "STRENGTH"& "MY 2020 by HOPES"

Our 128th Monthly Seminar covered the topic of “strength” from the book “A Passion for success”, written by Dr. Inamori Kazuo.
We learned each 'true strength' in order to clear a path for one's own future while giving each other's experience and thoughts. It is not easy to have "True Strength" and we will practice it through out our work everyday.

Furthermore our internship team called HOPES each gave presentation about their vision for the year 2020 in 3min.
Within their presentation each introduced their thoughts and goals to the year 2020.
We titled this presentation "my 2020"

At the end of the seminar each individual hopes member received feedback for their presentation which provided them constructive comments that they can use to improve their future.




”MY 2020(私の2020年は?)"をテーマに一人一人プレゼンテーションが行われました。